The Red Rock ELC offers teacher training to both beginners and experienced EFL teachers.

Teacher Training Courses

Members from our teaching staff are qualified to teach “Teacher Training” courses to both beginner EFL teachers and to experienced EFL teachers, to include both native English speakers and non-native English speakers.

Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT)

The Red Rock ELC is excited to offer the courses that help to prepare an English language teacher for the TKT, the “Teaching Knowledge Test”. According to the University of Cambridge’s TKT webpage,

The Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) is a test from Cambridge ESOL about teaching English to speakers of other languages. It aims to increase teachers' confidence and enhance job prospects by focusing on the core teaching knowledge needed by teachers of primary, secondary or adult learners, anywhere in the world.

The TKT is not one singular test but, instead, contains 6 separate modules: 3 core modules and 3 optional modules. The Red Rock ELC offers classes that help the teacher to prepare for 5 of the 6 modules; the ELC can not offer the optional “TKT: Practical” module because this module requires a teaching practicum within a physical classroom with EFL students.

Teachers have the opportunity to prepare for five of the TKT modules by enrolling in the following courses:

Core Modules

Module 1: Language and background to language learning and teaching
Module 2: Planning lessons and use of resources for language teaching
Module 3: Managing the teaching and learning process
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Optional Modules

Module CLIL: Content and Language Integrated Learning
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Module KAL: Knowledge About Language
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Professional Development Courses

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