The Red Rock English Language Center (ELC) uses state-of-the-art technology to provide real-time video instruction which is complemented by email conferencing.

How It Works

Instructional Settings

Students can choose to study English within an online classroom or private tutoring setting.  The online classroom setting has a student to teacher ratio of no more than 15 students to 1 teacher (15:1). Private tutoring options include one-to-one and one-to-group settings with the group size ranging from 2 to 3 unless alternate arrangements have been made with the Red Rock ELC administration to accommodate larger groups. For private tutoring details, please see our Private Tutoring webpage.

Educational Software

The ELC uses advanced technological resources to enable and support our online instruction, and such resources include the following:


elluminateWe use the video/web-conferencing software of Elluminate for our live and online classroom instruction. With Elluminate, ELC teachers and students can learn in real time via video conferencing, share computer screens, share computer desktops, interact with a whiteboard, record each class instruction session for archiving, and much more!

MoodleWe use the online learning software of Moodle which provides the secure learning environment for our online classrooms, discussions, student interest areas, progress and grade reporting, etc.

word power pointWe use the productivity software of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint which provide both students and teachers a common standard for all lessons and assignments.

Students are responsible for having their own copy of this software; the ELC does not provide or sell this software.

quicktimeWe use the QuickTime video software to create instructional videos for our students.

Students need to have installed the free Quicktime player in order to view teacher-created videos and to view archived recordings of previous class sessions held in Dimdim.

internationally recognizeThe ELC courses use internationally recognized curriculum resources from such publishers as the Oxford University Press, the University of Cambridge, and the BULATS. Students will study from these and other resources as they learn English within our online program.