The Red Rock ELC has listed the most frequently asked questions, along with their
respective answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please choose a question from the following list:


  1. Will the student learn from native speakers of English?
  2. How do the ELC teachers communicate with the students?
    The ELC teachers communicate with the students through live video/web conferencing and email within an integrated learning management system (LMS). You can find more information regarding how our program works at the How It Works webpage.
  3. Which qualifications do the ELC teachers have?
    The ELC teaching staff has, as a minimum, a degree from a 4-year university, and many have advanced degrees and certifications. Please refer to the Meet Our Staff page for more information.
  4. What are the costs for the ELC courses?
    Please refer to the Course Costs webpage.
  5. What are the technical requirements for the computer that the student will use to learn English through the ELC?
    The ELC student will need to provide for him/herself the following resources in order to be able to participate in the online ELC courses:
    • Windows computer (2000, XP, or Vista operating system) with a minimum of 256MB of RAM and a DVD drive, or
    • Macintosh computer (OS 10.3 or newer) with a minimum of 256 MB of RAM and a DVD drive
    • Reliable internet connection of at least 56K (high-speed/broadband recommended)
    • Microsoft Word (version 2003 or newer) software
    • Computer webcam and microphone
      (see this page)
    • Audio output (e.g. speakers) hardware for the computer
  6. Does the ELC provide transcripts to the students?
  7. Does the software that the ELC uses support both Macintosh and Windows users?
  8. When do ELC courses begin?
    Please refer to the Course Schedule webpage.
  9. What are the deadlines for a student to complete each course?
    Students must complete the course by the deadline which is stated at our Course Schedule page and which is communicated by each teacher within each course.
  10. Could existing schools which are having difficulty in offering an English Language Learning program partner with the ELC so that the ELC would provide individual courses to complement the school's program?
  11. Is the ELC able to create customized courses?
    Yes, please contact us to discuss the unique or special requirements that you, your school, your company, or your organization has to learn if the ELC can create a unique course or courses to meet those requirements.
  12. Which course materials (textbook, workbook, etc.) does the student need to purchase directly from a bookstore/vendor for each course?
    Please refer to the course description page and read the course description of the course in which you are interested to learn which materials and resources are used in that course.
  13. Does the ELC sell the course materials used in the ELC courses?
  14. Where can a student locate the course materials which he/she will need to buy for each course?
    Please refer to the course description page to see details.
  15. What is the refund policy of the ELC?
    Please refer to the Course Costs page for this information.
  16. How many hours of live interaction with a native English speaker has the ELC scheduled into each class?
    Students will meet online with their respective teacher 2 times per week, and each online meeting has a duration of 2 hours. Thus, students have 4 hours of live English language learning via our video/web conferencing software each week, and during the entire 13 weeks of the course, students will have received 52 hours of live interaction with their teacher.

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