Below are the details regarding each of the courses that you can take from the ELC.

Course Descriptions

Here you will find the detailed descriptions of all of the courses that the Red Rock ELC offers, organized in the following manner:

For Students

  1. General English Courses (Beginner to Upper Intermediate)
  2. Examination Preparation Courses (FCE, CAE, CPE, & IELTS)
  3. Conversational English (Standard and development)
  4. Industry-Specific Courses
    1. Business English Courses
      1. Business English 1 (also a BULATS preparation course)
      2. Business English 2 (also a BULATS preparation course)
    2. (Other industry-specific courses are being developed)
  5. Customized / Unique Courses
  6. Private Tutoring Services

For Teachers

Teacher Training (these courses are in development)

Click here to see the schedule for all of our classes.

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